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CUREMeDE (Cardiff Unit for Research and Evaluation in Medical and Dental Education) was established in 2009 as a joint collaboration between the Wales Deanery and Cardiff University’s School of Social Sciences.

We conduct multidisciplinary research into the education and training of healthcare professionals. Centred on postgraduate and continuing education, at any one time we have a live portfolio of Deanery and externally funded projects.

Since 2009 we have:

  • Created networks and multidisciplinary collaborations across the UK and internationally
  • Developed high quality outputs which have contributed to the enhancement and educational development of health professionals in Wales and beyond
  • Worked closely with staff across the Wales Deanery and NHS to ensure our findings from research and evaluation transfer to practice.
  • Presented our findings internationally

Some of our current and previous research and evaluation work has focused on:

  • Foundation training
  • Knowledge Mobilisation
  • Cognitive resilience
  • Broad-based training
  • E-learning and developments in technology
  • Dental education and training
  • Skill mix – in dentistry and pharmacy

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